Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

Our ‘Church Vision’...

Not whom we can put down, but whom

we can pick up,

Not whom we can turn out, but whom

we can bring in,

Not whom we can ridicule or whom

we can condemn,

But whom we can bring to the Cross.

Bring those, whose dreams have been crushed and point them to the Cross, the author

and the finisher of our faith.

He will give you a brand-new beginning

and your life will be beautiful again

Our Desire as God’s fellowship...

And the all-embracing feeling, this church seeks to have a sense of community, an awareness and willingness of working together, with a common and shared purpose of prayer, faith, fellowship and love.

Our Church seeks to be a place of safety (always) and for some people it will be a new home, a time of reconnecting, learning more about faith, God .

For others, our church will be an oasis of care and protection, maybe a dwelling where people charge up and renew their batteries, perhaps to be healed and restored for the next

challenge they face:  

'Where the imperfect are perfectly welcome'